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40+ years in nearly every aspect of the construction industry. from Construction Engineering to Government Contractor.

20+ years providing contractors with expert support for their construction claims. We’ve seen just about every situation you can imagine.

A Proven Process

  • Assess the strength of your construction claim
  • Establish proof of entitlement & calculate damages
  • Support your construction claim with detailed research & legal precedent
  • Anticipate the other party’s defense & how to defeat it
  • Provide construction litigation support & expert witness testimony if necessary

Proceed with Confidence

Armed with our rock-solid Request for Equitable Adjustment (REA), you greatly improve your chances of avoiding protracted litigation when presenting your claim the project owner. This means quicker dispute settlement and fair resolution.

 “When all the discovery was done and depositions were reviewed, the accuracy of your analysis and predictions [early in the project] proved to be invariably right on target.”
– California Contractor-Client’s Project Manager

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