Our Construction Claims Services

MessyDeskSuccessful  presentation of construction claims requires the services of a serious student of all elements of the true facts and accompanying construction law involved.  You will find no greater skeptic on the planet than a facility owner when presented with a contractor’s claim for money damages.

Construction contractor and subcontractor claims issues – successfully pursued – require numerous, specific, expert services to result in positive outcomes. Our construction claims services include

  • thorough initial claim investigation and claim strength analysis,
  • determination of the most appropriate theory(ies) of entitlement,
  • entitlement precedent search and identification,
  • proof of entitlement,
  • along with the indispensable “causal connection” proof,
  • probable owner defense analysis, with a bright line view to defeating it,
  • FOIA research (in special, difficult cases),
  • money damages calculations;

and, at times when a reasonable negotiated settlement with your owner or prime contractor proves impossible,

  • litigation support and expert testimony.

These services and more, expertly executed, will absolutely promote positive outcomes for your construction claims.[1]

It has been the very personal experience of this construction claims expert when he was a government contractor that – regardless of your own personal level of construction claims knowledge – pursuing your claims absent the expert analysis and support of a third party expert completely and totally familiar with your claims……is futile.

[1] Barring of course a bizarre verdict which a poisoned jury found and a biased judge ordered in one of our cases.  This is a cautionary comment; negotiate your claims with the help of your expert when at all possible.  You cannot predict the intent and the mind of judges and juries.

As a “bonus”, may we suggest that before leaving this page you first take note of our very own “copyrighted” Seven Early Warning Signs of a Problem Construction Contract

Seven Main Services

We offer seven main services to help contractors. They are as follows:

1. Entitlement Determination

2. FOIA Research

3. Precedent Identification

4. Owner Defense Analysis

5. Equitable Adjustment

6. Damages Calculation

7. Litigation Support and Expert Testimony


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