Identification of Legal Precedent in Construction Claims

Identification of Legal Precedent in Construction Claims“Legal precedent” refers to a previous court ruling or example which may pertain to a similar case, and is often used as a guide in resolving later cases.

As part of the construction claims process, we will expertly research and identify legal precedent which applies to your claim as a basis for your Request for Equitable Adjustment (REA). This legal precedent strengthens your case for a fair recovery of what you are legally entitled to in the dispute.

When presented to the owner (with your full endorsement), this REA will demonstrate unequivocally that your claim is well-researched and that you have the the high ground in the dispute, yet merely seek what you are fairly entitled to. This tends to facilitate meaningful negotiations.

Expert construction claims consultant Glen Eaton has over 20 years experience assisting contractors in construction contract disputes. In his lengthy career in the construction industry, he has acquired expert experience in real-world contractor business issues. This insight complements a construction contract attorney’s sometimes singular legal perspective in this area, and proves extremely useful in reaching a successful outcome for your construction dispute.


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