warningAs a construction contractor, the abject absence of all normal good faith and fair dealing by your construction owner spells trouble in vivid capital letters!  If any of the following warning signs seem familiar, you may be about to suffer extreme profit losses, or worse…

  1. Unreasonably delayed submittal approval,
  2. The owner’s unexplained unwillingness to cooperate,
  3. Job costs far in excess of those reasonably expected,
  4. Unfair disapproval of your ordinary and customary contract performance procedures,
  5. Owner refusal to address your request for equitable adjustment,
  6. The same with respect to owner design problems,
  7. Sudden unexplained ineffectiveness of your ordinarily effective job manager.

If you are experiencing one or more of the early warning signs listed above on your government construction contractI strongly encourage you to contact me for a no-fee conference, preliminary claim investigation and construction claim expert opinion on your special situation.