Testimonials from Past Clients

“[Our attorney] is “dying” over your REA! He loves it and can’t believe you were able to write about all of that stuff!  My dad said he is not “consultant friendly” and his compliments should be taken to mean a lot! He has called me twice in the last two days and basically just said “WOW”. He can’t believe all of the work you did. He [mistakenly] thought the Annex was the REA! When he finally opened all of the REA files last night he called me and said you set a record for him, he has never seen such a mighty piece of work.”

– Email from the daughter of my California Client’s Owners (the projects’ manager of two distressed bridge contracts).

A couple of days later, her mother sent me this email“As a wife, mother, and business owner … I just want to say thank you for all your hard work and support. I can’t tell you how many times we all felt so discouraged, only to hear from you, that we weren’t crazy.  It has been a blessing to have you on our team. Our attorney told me in his 30 years of practice, he has not seen work as good as yours.”

“Glen, your Expert Claim Report was thorough and powerful.  It and the exhibits vividly exposed the performance disruptions and extra cost and performance time [our subcontractor-client] suffered at the hands of [the prime contractor] and the Air Force as well. I will use it as my outline for the initial complaint which will permit me to go forward with litigation almost immediately. “

– The Attorney for my North Dakota Subcontractor-Client

 “When all the discovery was done and depositions were reviewed, the accuracy of your analysis and predictions [early in the project] proved to be invariably right on target.”

– California Contractor-Client’s Project Manager

Distinguished Service Medal

Presented to

Glen L. Eaton


Petra International Banking Corporation

In recognition of his contribution to the superior conclusion of the US Army Family Housing Project in Vilseck, Germany –

Mr. Eaton moved to Vilseck on short notice, took over a severely delayed project  and was confronted by a dissatisfied client, unpaid subcontractors and a demoralized multinational construction team. Mr. Eaton miraculously completed the contract, the Army received a design / construction award for the Housing Project and the bank was able to recover its performance bonds of DM 2.4 million. Further, Mr. Eaton assisted in writing claim documents which generated funding and claims of DM 11.7 million. This was a major accomplishment under the best of conditions but none of the conditions at Vilseck can be described as the best.

Presented by the General Manager with sincere appreciation, January 6, 1995.

(Signed) Randolph A. Old , General Manager, Petra International Banking Corporation


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